Date of Death Appraisals

  When someone passes away, it is necessary to value the decedent’s assets, including real property such as real estate. To determine assets at death, attorneys and accountants hire Alliance Appraisal Services to complete date of death valuations to determine the Fair Market Value of real estate as of the date that the owner died. This property valuation is often referenced as a retrospective appraisal, and is used to determine if a federal estate tax return is due to the IRS, and the amount of estate tax, if one is owed. This type of tax is sometimes referred to as the death tax. The valuation of the property is also used to determine the new income tax basis for the decedent’s assets when they are passed on to the person’s heirs.

  The appraiser will conduct a visual viewing of the property which is the subject of the estate/date of death appraisal. In addition, an interview will be conducted to determine whether any improvements were made to the home after the date of death. Alliance Appraisal Services has experience completing retrospective appraisals ranging back to 1984.

Bail Bond Appraisals

  Alliance Appraisal Services is extremely family orientated. We understand the traumatic effects that can be associated with incarceration, even for a very short period of time. There are legitimate situations in which an appraisal must be done very very quickly. An appraisal needed to determine collateral for a bail or immigration bond, while your loved one is in jail or some other type of custody, would certainly qualify for our highest priority. Our services will be both confidential and discreet to assure your privacy.

  In most instances, we can offer immediate service (often the same day) for bail bonds. Please understand, however, this is a process that normally takes a minimum of one to three working days in most areas. Your appraiser will likely have to move heaven and earth to accommodate you, and such service may not always be possible. Other assignments will have to be re-scheduled; work in progress must be postponed. It is reasonable to expect a significant increase in the fee for such extraordinary service.

About Alliance Appraisal Services

Deb Schuetz

  Deb Schuetz was born and raised in Minneapolis Minnesota. In 1986 she became a Flight Attendant with American Airlines. After spending time in Dallas attending training, Deb was transferred to New York City for one year, before transferring to the Bay Area in 1987 where she has resided ever since. Deb’s exemplary customer service skills and a strong work ethic have earned her prestigious awards during her career as an American Airline Flight Attendant.

  Deb became interested in Real Estate upon the purchase of her first home. Thereafter she began training as an appraiser, and later founded Alliance Appraisal Services. Clients are consistently impressed with her strong communication skills which keep them informed throughout the appraisal process from beginning to end. Homeowners appreciate her timeliness and attention to fine detail while on site. Deb welcomes new challenges, and stays current by taking regular continuing education classes. Professional affiliations include, but are not limited to, the Appraisal Institute. Debs experience and vast knowledge at performing appraisals for mortgage finance, bail bonds, foreclosures, estate taxes, divorce proceedings, and complex properties give her an edge over other appraisal company’s. She currently appraises in the following Counties; Santa Clara, San Mateo, San Benito, Santa Cruz and Monterey.

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